coach approach

Today was awesome. Out of the six sports (hip hop, AFL, baseball, lacrosse,teamwork and ultimate Frisbee) my favourites were hip hop and baseball.

In hip hop we danced to Humble by Kendrick Lama and we learnt some really cool dance moves. I liked how it was really fast. In baseball Xavier and I were partners we did a race to see who could last the longest while passing the ball between us. Xavier and I came 1st, 2nd and 1st again, it was a really amazing day.

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Do you really like public tiolets???

Do you really like our public toilet? Walking into them and seeing people’s names carved in the mirror walls or cubicle or having the toilet clogged or even having packets of cigarettes on the ground ¬†this is the life where living

Join me and we can change this I will put a camera up not looking in to the toilets to see if anybody is doing anything wrong if they do they will get a fine and be questioned on why they did it.

Now you can see this is a problem join me and we can change this somebody should not suffer for another person’s irresponsible action

the toilets we want 

The toilets we have

Helen Radnedges visit at new gisborne

Helen Radnedges visit

Did you now that Tasmanian devils used to live in the main land I didn’t until cr Helen Radnedge came to our school also did you know that there area odd number of councillors in case they disagree on something so they can have a vote and have more people in one group? Helen isn’t the only councillor, there are two more in our ward and six in the other two wards. Helen became a councillor because of concerns for nature.

The councillors work out together and working out what they can do and what they can afford to have close to 400 people work for the council and help the councillors fix the area when councillors become councillors they have to write two hundred and fifty words about themselves.

I feel better now that I know I can ring someone if I see a dead or suffering animal so they can help them. I enjoyed learning about her and the council.



The magic flute!!!

The Magic Flute is an opera It got performed to us on Wednesday by Australian Opera. The story goes like Prince Timino was running from a monster then passed out then the queen of the nights servant saved him. Then a bird catcher named Papagino said that he saved him so the queen put a zip on Papagino’s mouth and then the queen of the night thought that Tamino would be brave enough to save her daughter who got kidnapped by her father. Tamino fell in love and went to the castle where her daughter was but when he got there her father was actually good and he helped her.

Least we forget the ANZACS

They left there loved ones and made new friends little did they know they would soon be dead they loaded the boats with heavy weapons and packs some were scared some were sad the men got shocked when they sunk to the bottom of the water and left there to die buddies would pull some mates up to shore you were lucky to make home you would be declared a hero that is why we must remember the soldiers who risked their life for ours

by finn


I don’t know how many times the teachers made us walk up this one hill so many times I felt like my legs were going to give up on me

One of my favourite things was the lighthouse it was boiling up there when I stepped out there was a weird feeling in my belly like I was going to fall I was 136 steps high and the platform we were standing on was on a tilt so the rain would slide off but it felt like I was sliding off.

We also got to go in to the estuary trying to discover fish that lived in there. The water was really nice, warm and clear you could see the fish. It was amazing all the marine life in the estuary I hope I get to go back there one day.

Camp was amazing to the trampolines were great and there was heaps more activities to do there the cabins were huge we had two bunk beds and a king sized bed it was great and I hope to go back again! ¬†Teachers nearly killed us on the way back!!!!! They made us go on a bus ride that went forever! Well, 2 hours…